My new toy

My new toy arrived today. I broke down and bought a GPS, a Garmin GPSMap 60c. I hope I can get some time outdoors tomorrow to play with it.

I bought it because I wanted a good one to document my ascents of South Beyond 6000 peaks. I found some software that looks like it will be ideal to use with it for that purpose.

Topofusion takes your GPS route and combines it with photos you’ve taken on your trip.

This may also be a cool way to show Boy Scout trips on my son’s troop Web site.


2 Responses to My new toy

  1. […] Maybe Topofusion won’t be just what I wanted. […]

  2. […] That’s why I don’t load topo maps in my new GPS. If I want to know where I am, I look around and then look at a map. […]

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