Taking it out for a spin

So far so good with the GPS.

I had done a fair amount of research on the various models, though I will admit my research didn’t extend beyond Garmin. I don’t have answer why that is. Anyway, there were enough good reports on the GPSMap 60C that I was satisfied it would meet my needs.

Probably the most helpful review was by Rich Owings. His gps tracklog blog is outstanding.

I had my GPS running while I drove to a local outdoor store and back. Not as much fun as hiking or cycling, but at least is was a chance to see what it can do.

The screen is remarkably easy to read, but that’s what all the reviews said.


What was the most pleasant surprise was how easy it is to use.

My only other experience with GPS is with an old Garmin GPS III. That was less than user friendly.


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