Well this is not good

This morning I decided my first “official” South Beyond 6000 ascent would be Mt. LeConte in the Smokies. I planned to do it this Saturday.

Then I found out the Smokies got several inches of snow today.

I don’t mind hiking in winter, but I prefer not to slide off the mountain.

Well, maybe it will warm up enough to make the trail passable. Today’s just Tuesday and this is Tennessee. It’s rare here for a snowfall to linger more than a half-a-day in the valley. Even in the mountains snow won’t last but a few days unless it’s in a protected, northern side.

There are five routes, so I’ll have to some research to pick the one that has plenty of snow-melting potential.

A good starting place is mtleconte.com, a Web site devoted to nothing but hiking that mountain. It’s run by a guy name Ed Wright, a retiree who used to live in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

I’m not sure I’ve seen anything like this site. It has tons of trip reports, many, it seems, submitted to him by strangers who’ve hike up the mountain.

Wright claims to have hiked up Mt. LeConte nearly 1300 times in the last 23 years. Doesn’t that seem a little obsessive?

I guess I need to remember HYOH — Hike Your Own Hike.

To be true, there are a lot worse things he could do with his time.


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