Well hooray for the Bull Head

Okay, that’s an obscure title, I’ll admit.

Think about it and I’ll come back to it.

The point is, I completed my first South Beyond 6000 ascent today. I hiked to the top of Mt. LeConte, just as I had planned and despite the nine inches of snow.

The National Weather Service says the snow was down to eight inches deep today, but it wasn’t a problem for me until I hiked back down.

I went up the Bull Head Trail (hence the Bull Head reference in the title) and came down the Rainbow Falls Trail. The latter was more sheltered from the sun, so there was more snow and ice.

I think I skated more than I hiked down the first 1000 feet from top.

I’ll post a complete trip report soon.

So anyway, about that title. Here’s a hint: Citizen Kane.

Still too obscure?

Late in the film, Susan Alexander Kane (Dorothy Comingore) says “Well hooray for the Bull Dog.” I thought, well, oh never mind.

I said it was obscure. I didn’t claim it was clever.


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