Deja vu

When I was planning my first South Beyond 6000 hike to Mt. LeConte, I learned there was about nine inches of snow at higher elevations.

Now as I plan my second trip I’ve just learned there is about 16 inches of snow there now.

I talked to my friend, Bill, who today tried to take the same Bullhead/Rainbow Falls trip to LeConte that I did. He and his hiking partner ended up turning back at the junction of those two trails, rather than continuing to the top.

He said it was difficult going the last few hundred feet up.

But Bill also said the weather was beautiful with crystal clear skies.

I think I’ll give a try tomorrow anyway. I want to hike to Mt. Kephart.

The route is on the Appalachian Trail, which means the path will likely be more clear than most trails. The trail is also on the south side of the mountain, so there should be more exposure to sun.

The worst thing that can happen is I have to look for another hike to do.


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