I Kep♥ the Smokies

Yesterday was a good day all way around. I took the day off from work and went hiking.

And the weather was terrific.

I was able to knock off another peak from the South Beyond 6000 list with little effort. I hiked to Mt. Kephart in the Smokies, taking an easy route that’s mostly on the AT.

The only difficulty I encountered was knee-high snow on the short access trail. I had been the only person to hike that section in several days, it appears.

Well, actually I found tracks of a small critter on the trail, but they were of little help to me.

The rest of the route was well trod, as I expected it would be.

I’ll have a complete trip report with photos soon.

Oh, by the way, if your browser or RSS reader doesn’t display special characters, you may be wondering what’s up with the headline, “I Kep♥ the Smokies.” Some browsers recognize $hearts; as special characters and render them as a heart symbol.


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