Curses, foiled again

January 9, 2006

On December 30, I intended to hit two South Beyond 6000 peaks in one day, Clingman’s Dome and Mt. Collins in the Smokies. Unfortunately, Newfound Gap Road was closed because of ice.

I was with a group and we ended up getting in a nice, 16.4 mile loop hike out of Elkmont. (I’ll write more about this later. And by later, I mean when I get around to it.)

Rich Mountain

Today, my younger son, Landon, and I went back to GSMNP to again attempt to get up to Newfound Gap. Unfortunately, the road was closed again because of ice.

That was a little surprising, considering the weather had been warm yesterday. The problem was, it had snowed Friday and water from the melting snow had frozen over Saturday night.

But all was not lost. Landon and I hiked an 8-mile loop from Cades Cove. We hiked the Rich Mountain Loop, which I had heard only a little about.

The weather was perfect and the hike was very enjoyable. I’ll write more about that trip later too, um, after I write about the last two hikes I did recently.

I think I’m seeing a bad pattern here. I like to hike a lot more than I like to write about my hikes.

Okay, maybe that’s not a bad thing.