Out on a limb

I just did something I’m not normally inclined to do. I ordered a backpack without spending days of thought and hours of research on it beforehand.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for a sale price, but as soon as I saw the Essence Pack by Six Moon Designs, I decided I needed one.

The design is unique, using a front-loading system. Although I appreciate internal framed packs and frameless packs for the way they hug your back, I’ve always been annoyed by the way you have to empty them to get at items in the bottom. The Essence Pack eliminates that problem.

I also like that it has several pockets, allowing for better organization of gear. And despite the features, it ways just 13 oz. That’s not quite ultralight, but it’s plenty light for the level of backpacking I do.

I’m not a gram weenie.

Admittedly, I’m still unsure about this purchase, though. When I’m spending money on a big purchase, I normally try to do a lot of research on it. But the Essence Pack was just made available a few days ago. I just discovered it tonight when I was poking around online.

And as an introduction, it’s being sold at a reduced price.

I’ll give it a shot and try to give it a review here when I’ve had a chance to test it out.

Full disclosure: I’ve had no previous contact with Six Mood Designs. I offer my comments strictly as a consumer and I have not been compensated for them.


4 Responses to Out on a limb

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  2. Bubba Nicholson says:

    I own a Comet pack from Six Moon Designs, and I, too, have opted for the Essence Pack’s weight reduction of 9 oz. I plan a thru hike of the AT and expect to carry the larger Comet in cold weather and the Essence once the temps warm. Both are designed for modern light loads, and if the Essence is as well made as the Comet, I expect an easy road ahead.

  3. cutter says:

    Good to know the Comet is well made, Bubba. I haven’t bought anything from Ron Moak before, but he seems to have a first-rate reputation in backpacking circles.

    The Comet’s volume is about 500 cubic inches larger than the Essence, so I can see why you might want it for colder weather.

    I used to have trouble fitting my winter gear in a Gust, which is just 100 cu. in. smaller than the Comet, but I’ve done some significant paring down since then. If it arrives in time, I’m planning to take my Essence with me on a weekend trip to Carver’s Gap-Hump Mountain on the AT early next month.

    Do you plan to make your thru-hike this year? If so, good luck!

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