World’s most expensive coffee mug

January 20, 2006

Aramark, the concessionaire at Shenandoah National Park, is offering a special package to help visitors experience some of the trails in the park.

The company issued a press release yesterday, breathlessly describing the package:

“Exploring the renowned hiking trails of one of America’s greatest national parks just got easier.”

I was looking over the details of the two-day, two-night “Trekking Adventure Program? because a couple years ago my wife and I visited there and stayed at the Skyland Resort, the same lodge where accommodations are offered in the package.

In addition to two night’s stay, the package includes a couple box lunches and a guide takes you dayhiking on some of the trails.

Plus, you get a coffee mug and a map.

Okay, fine.

Then I noticed the price: $499 per couple!

Two nights at the Skyland will cost you a couple hundred bucks. Box lunches, what? $30 at best.

So either they’ve hired world-renowned nature experts to lead these hikes, or that’s one expensive coffee mug.


Lighten up?

January 20, 2006

Mike at Out ‘n About shares a tip for lightening up your pack that he found at a site operated by a group called The Coalition For Portable Propane Product Safety.

I checked the other tips on the site and found they ranged from the “duh” to the “what??!!!”

Here’s one:

Pin a string to a small tent leak in the ceiling and run the string to the floor away from the sleeper’s face. Water will run down the string.”

My response in two words: duct tape.

And here’s another tip for lightening up your pack The Coalition For Portable Propane Product Safety might want to add: Don’t carry propane tanks when you backpack. They’re really heavy.