New look

The folks at released a few new themes, so I decided to give one a try for this blog. I never much cared for the design I was using, but it was the cleanest one available.

This new look, called “Contempt” for reasons I can’t imagine, is clean and easy to read. Too bad I can’t change the colors or use an image in the header, though. The look’s a little sterile for an outdoor blog, don’t you think?

Matt Mullenweg says more themes are to be released soon, so perhaps something more suitable will turn up.


2 Responses to New look

  1. tom says:

    Do you have any access to your Cascading Style Sheet?

    This is the url:

    If you have ftp access to your site you should have access to this file. If not, though, you’re probably stuck w/whatever they give you.

  2. cutter says:

    No, unfortunately I can’t modify the CSS with It’s not the same as using WordPress on my own server or another host. With you have to pretty much take what’s offered and leave it at that.

    In my other life I manage Web sites, but for this blog I decided to trade off not having FTP access and control over my site with having a free and worry-free blog.

    Maybe someday I’ll want to do more or add Adsense ads to make money. But for now, it’s hard to beat free.

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