You don’t see this everyday

I intended to mention this yesterday.

On Monday, Tennessee’s Gov. Phil Bredesen proposed to eliminate the state park fees that were added when the previous administration ran into budget problems.

Then yesterday, the governor said he would include $10 million in his 2006-2007 budget proposal for land preservation.

I can’t find a link to the press release on the second proposal, but it says,

“In his budget proposal to the General Assembly, Bredesen will ask legislators to increase the state’s land-buying power with $10 million in funding for the Tennessee Heritage Trust Fund, the public-private foundation Bredesen established in September 2005.”

Ending user fees. Spending money on conservation. Refreshing ideas, hunh?


One Response to You don’t see this everyday

  1. Jonathan says:

    Yeah, my local stomping ground, Radnor, is dropping the fees…lets just hope it doesn’t cause the ruffians to return.

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