Short changed

I led a small group of Boy Scouts Saturday on what was intended to be a 10-mile hike. I chose for the trip a section of the Cumberland Trail.

The route we took starts at Nemo Bridge and follows the Emory River at first, before it turns to follow the Obed River. Our destination was Breakaway Bluff, a high overlook above the river.

The weather was sunny and unusually warm, making for a perfect day of hiking in January.

I’m not sure why, but the trip came up well short of 10 miles, however.

Information on the Cumberland Trail Conference’s Web site says:

“This portion of the Obed W.S.R. Segment, within the Obed and Emory River gorges, incorporates the Obed’s 2.5mile Nemo Trail and an additional 2.5 mile segment built by the Cumberland Trail Conference, Tennessee Trails Association, and Breakaway Volunteers, giving a total one-way distance of 5.0 miles.”

By my limited mathematical skills, returning to the starting point should total 10 miles. A trailhead sign at Rock Creek Campground, which is maybe a quarter mile from Nemo Bridge, said the trail was 4.9 miles to Breakaway Bluff.
So why did my GPS track show the trip was only 8.8 miles?

I’ll try to find out before I write up my trip report.


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  2. Jonathan says:

    Hey Cut-Man,

    If you didn’t notice over on Tom’s blog, I mentioned I was in the market for a GPS due to an unfortunate incident a couple weeks back. I’m a newb to this technology and was hoping I could get your expert take..since you mentioned you were GPS tracking this hike and all 🙂

    whats light/durable/idiot proof for day hiking? or any suggestions, give me a shout. I will be in debt to you until I see you on the trail and offer you a frosty cup of water right after your supply has gone dry! (that is if your water purification system suffered a leak, or stolen, or both of course)

  3. cutter says:

    I won’t pretend to be an expert on different GPS units. I like the one I have, a Garmin 60C, but I can’t say I did an exhaustive amount of research before I bought it.

    One of the best sources of GPS information I found is at gps tracklog.

    Feel free to email me, though, if you have questions and I’ll try to answer them.

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