Update on Essence Pack

I’ve been antsy about receiving the Six Moon Designs Essence Pack I ordered a couple weeks ago. So Saturday when I arrived home from my hike to find a package at the front door, I immediately thought it was the pack.

It turned out to be a small order of stuff from Gossamer Gear, which arrived so quickly I hadn’t yet expected it.

Today I contacted Ron Moak, the owner of Six Moon Designs and he sent back a reply in very short order. He told me there was such an immediate demand for the pack he sold out of his first run.

“We’ve had an overwhelming response to the Essence Pack and sold out the first production run in under 2 weeks.”

He told me a new shipment is expected in March.

Though he offered to refund my payment, I told him I still wanted the pack and would gladly wait.

Now, after reading this first review of the Essence Pack, I’m even more willing to wait, but yet more anxious to get it.


2 Responses to Update on Essence Pack

  1. Jonathan says:

    13 ounces..did I read that right? jeez, I sneeze more

  2. cutter says:

    You read correctly.

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