Safety first

The trip to Hump Mountain was postponed because of concern about road conditions. A forecast of snow and bitter cold at higher elevations won’t normally deter the scout troop from making a hike. But getting there and back safely is another story.

We didn’t want to drive three hours and discover it was too dangerous to drive the last few miles up the mountain to the trailhead. So we changed plans and went to Frozen Head State Park.

We still had snow and cold, but not as much as we were likely to get at Hump Mountain.

And to update my last post, I caved and took the 0-degree bag.

The good news: I stayed warm.

The bad news: Though my pack weight was still a manageable 25 lbs. total (including food and water), that’s much heavier than I should be want it to be. So now I’m searching for a new lightweight sleeping bag.


2 Responses to Safety first

  1. LittlePo says:

    Yes, one time a winter backpacking trip I signed up for got cancelled because of the concerns about driving conditions. And this winter we had to turn around after seeing so many accidents on highways to a ski area. Of course the traffic jam was unbearable too. Safety is indeed should be put first.

  2. […] Our plan is to start at Carver's Gap and head northbound to Hump Mountain, camp overnight, and then return back to Carver's Gap. This is the same hike we planned to take in February. […]

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