I’m trying to help you, really I am

Nearly every day, someone comes to this blog in search of information on Drop Stoppers Micropore Rain Suits. I know this because from the administrative end of WordPress.com I can view the search engine keywords used by visitors who come to this site.

Many have landed on this blog because I’ve listed the rain suit in gear lists of my trip reports. And so far, I’m sure they’ve been pretty disappointed.

Because there appears to be so much interest in this particular piece of gear, as well as a few other items in my gear list, I decided I should start writing gear reviews.

And with a 70% chance of rain yesterday, I figured it would be a perfect day to give my Drop Stoppers Micropore Rain Suit a real test.

I led a group of Boy Scouts on a 10-mile hike along Abram’s Creek in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The day started promising enough, if you’re hopeful for rain, that is. But soon the rain turned to a light freezing rain, then snow flurries.

By noon the snow stopped and we were left with enjoyable hiking conditions. But the result was, I never had the soaking rain I was expecting.

Sorry. If you’re looking for a thorough review of the rain suit, you’ll have to wait for a real test. But in the meantime, look for an initial report coming soon.

I did, however, get a chance to try out another new piece of gear, a Golite Ether Wind Shirt, which I put on when the rain stopped.

I’ll work on a review of that too.


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