These boots are made for slogging

I read with interest Ryan Jordan’s blog post about finding the right boots for a trek he’s planning to make across the Arctic.

No, I’m not planning a similar hike. But I am looking for boots that fit some of the same criteria he’s seeking.

Ryan wants:

  • Trail running stability last
  • Light
  • Absorbs minimal water
  • Drains – and dries – fast
  • Sticky rubber
  • Durable enough to last 600 miles

Ryan goes on to say he needs boots, rather than trail shoes, because of the rugged and varied terrain of the Arctic.

I’m currently wearing a pair of Montrail Hardrock trail running shoes. Though they are solid, stable shoes with good breathability and drainage, they’re not the boots he needs. And they’re not the boots I need, either.

I want more ankle support for a week-long backpacking trip in Colorado’s Chicago Basin this summer.

Okay, so our trips are a bit different. He’s planning to hike 600 miles in one of the most desolate and unforgiving places on earth; I’m hiking a week in a Rocky Mountain paradise.

It’s difficult pick just the right shoe or boot for your needs. There are thousand of styles available and many thousand more opinions on what’s the right one.

But I only have one pair of feet. And no one else has the same feet as me.


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