Not ready for prime time

A new Google map mashup offers some intriguing possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts. attempts to combine satellite views, USGS topo maps and even Nexrad Doppler radar images, with user-submitted information like GPS waypoints, trip reports and video.

Unfortunately, it may be a little overly ambitious.

Google Maps Mania says it

“…combines an enormous amount of information and mapping layers with some excellent user interface design.”

Yet the site’s creator, who identifies himself only as JP, concedes the design has some problems.

“The UI sucks, its not dynamic, there are bugs, there are features missing, and even spelling errors. Why? Because one person cant do it all. Please bare with us as we are not software developers.”

JP’s not an English major either, it seems, but I like his ideas.

For now, though, he needs to put polish on a few of the best ideas and introduce the rest later.

It shows promise, so I’ll check out this site again in a few weeks.


One Response to Not ready for prime time

  1. your right i’m not an english major, i’m a snowboarder with very little time to spend checking spelling errors and grammatics. also, the site is proof of concept to what is possible with google maps, its more of place for me and my friends to track and log their adventures…if it takes off, soo be it.. thanks for checking us out

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