Name that location, part 2

Several people, including many of my Internet friends on the AT-L email mailing list, attempted to guess the first location of my great hiking adventure. Not surprisingly, no one came close to guessing correctly where I was on Monday.

It was a tough one, I’ll admit.

Today I made the second stop on my adventure. See if you can guess the location.

Wide open spaces

Okay, that one isn’t easier. But maybe if you start piecing things together you’ll figure out what I’m up to.

Another clue will be posted in a few days.

In the meantime, I’ll give you one more hint: To my knowledge, what I’m doing has not been equaled by any other person, though two other people have done feats similar in one respect.


8 Responses to Name that location, part 2

  1. rogene says:

    Looks like inexpensive land in teh fofot hils of Colorado that I hve searced for on the internet. The catch is that to build you have all thses restrictions and environmental requirements to comply with that including solar units on your roof for heat and power. All of which would not be bad except that defeats to purpose of inexpensive. No provisions for a one room cabin and out house. Which is what I could afford.
    From the snow level and the background projections in the first picture it could be somwhere in the rockies? I know that narrows it down a great deal.
    Antelope and rabbit country. Any grzzlies there too?

    I would venture to guess the your headed to Yellowstone for a winter wonderland


  2. amy says:

    Pampas! Are you thru-hiking South America?


  3. Ginny says:

    The second picture looks like southern New Mexico, though there sure isn’t any snow in southern NM at the moment so the first picture doesn’t fit. Seems to me I heard of someone planning to do another triple crown – with the addition of the IAT. That fits with the clue that only two people have done something similar. And someone else is doing the CDT with the addition of the GDT this year. So the desert picture works, but the snow picture only works if you were driving past the snow on your way to the trail. Or you could be doing a PCT yoyo, which was done by two people, that works with the snow and desert pictures, but the California is a bit more lush than this photo.

  4. brad says:

    Ok how about this, the first picture was michigan, and you have now made your way down to indiana? Are you heading for Louisiana?

  5. Jan LiteShoe says:

    Cutter, what are you doing? Are you road-tripping the Triple rown? With a little hiking thrown in? Sure looks like the arid west

  6. Janie says:


  7. Janie says:

    Minnesota and now Illinois????????

  8. eArThworm says:

    Your’re road-driving the Triple Crown Trails’ general routes?

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