Name that location, part 3

So far, no one has been able to come very close to saying where I took the last two photos I posted, though there have been a few good guesses.

I admitted those photos would be tough to figure out, but the one I took today should be easier to guess. For one thing, it contains a fairly obvious clue that narrows down the options considerably.

Snowy trail

Do you recognize the location?

Also, a couple of alert readers have made excellent guesses about my hiking adventure, but I'm not yet ready to declare a winner. Though their guesses have been close, they're too general.

Remember the hint I gave in my last post:

"To my knowledge, what I’m doing has not been equaled by any other person, though two other people have done feats similar in one respect."

That should pretty much give it away, but here's one more clue to narrow it down: Pay attention to when I took the photos. I mentioned that in each post.


5 Responses to Name that location, part 3

  1. eArThworm says:

    Hmmm…Max Patch?

  2. eArThworm says:

    OK try this…1 somewhere on the PCT, 2 somewhere on the CDT, 3 somewhere (Max Patch) on the AT. (Bits of the) Triple Crown in one calendar week. Flyin’ Brian and the other guy did (All of the) Triple Crown in one year. Close? Cigar?

  3. Jan LiteShoe says:

    Yeah, looks like a southern Bald.
    Max Patch seconded, or Snowbird, maybe the Humps. Definitely the AT in the south.

  4. Jan LiteShoe says:

    I think I had it right the first time – road tripping the Triple Crown. If The Worm gets chocolate, so do I!

  5. Janie says:

    Gosh, Cutter, this has become such fun and such an adventure.
    TERRIFIC IDEA……..I can’t wait for your next photo……

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