We have a winner… er, winners!

Congratulations to Jan LiteShoe and eArThworm for correctly guessing that my great hiking adventure was a calendar week Triple Crown.

Sure, maybe Flyin' Brian and Squeaky hiked the length of all three trails, but it took them nearly a whole a calendar year. To the best of my knowledge, I'm the only person to hike the width of all three trails in a week!

I'm working on a detailed trip report and I'll publish that soon. But to quickly summarize, I hiked:

  • the width of the Pacific Crest Trail near White Pass in Washington
  • the width of the Continental Divide Trail just north of Rawlins, Wyoming
  • the width of the Appalachian Trail at the summit of Max Patch.
  • chocolate

    Somehow, in claiming victory in my little guessing contest that had no prizes, the two winners cleverly managed to work out a prize. They said they deserved chocolate for their correct guesses.

    But I'm smart too. After nearly 27 years of marriage I've learned to never, ever stand between women and their chocolate.

    So Jan and Linda, let me know if you prefer milk or dark chocolate!


    2 Responses to We have a winner… er, winners!

    1. Jan LiteShoe says:

      Oh, smart man! Dark, please.

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