Help for the spelling-challenged

The folks at, the free blogging service used for creating and distributing this fine blog, recently introduced a spellchecker.

That's a welcomed new feature. But there's something perversely odd about it.

The spellchecker says the words "blog" and "blogging" are misspelled.


4 Responses to Help for the spelling-challenged

  1. LittlePo says:

    This is funny. I wonder which dictionary (dictionaries) the spelling checker use.

  2. Matt says:

    The default aspell one. We’re looking into getting a custom one deployed with some of the more common words around here, like “WordPress.”

  3. worldwords says:

    heehee, hilarious. do you know if the word “blog” has made into dictionaries though?

  4. cutter says:

    In the defense of WP, I'm sure "blog" is missing from many dictionaries. It usually takes a while for words to be added.

    The word does show up with a definition here:

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