Name that shelter

By popular demand, I'm adding a new "name that location" photo.

Well, okay, so just one person said she liked the photo contest. But what difference does it make? This is my blog. I can waste pixels any way I want.

Here is another photo I took Sunday afternoon. And unlike the trip to Max Patch, I actually hiked a stretch of the AT when I took it.

The hike may have been only a couple miles, but that's longer than a trail's width, I'm sure of it.

So, can you name this shelter? It should be fairly easy to identify for many hikers who have spent time in the Southeast U.S.

And that's the only clue I'm giving.


Just one more thing: There are no prizes for this contest. No chocolate. Nothing.


4 Responses to Name that shelter

  1. Jan LiteShoe says:

    Well, with a victorious load of chocolate under my belt, I won’t give it competely away, but let us just say that here one has BURGERS on the brain…or cheap NC cigarettes…

  2. cutter says:

    Ooh, you’re good.

  3. eArThworm says:

    Oh right, that’s a dead giveaway Jan! Davenport Gap. I didn’t
    recognize it because we didn’t want to take time from our mad
    dash to get a them BURGERS at M.M’s.

  4. eArThworm says:

    Well, what I meant to say was: I never saw the shelter because
    we didn’t want to take the time to go in to it from the trail because
    we were on a tear to get to the Burgers. Does that make more
    sense? We had been planning to spend the night at the shelter,
    but my hiking partner got a wild hair on the way down from Mt.
    Cammerer and decided we should keep going to M.M’s. So I
    ended up losing a toenail due the trauma of the fast descent, and
    I got to spend the night in the pink bunkhouse instead of the
    shelter. 😛 But the BURGER?…Heavenly!!

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