Nothing to cheer about

April 3, 2006

A couple weeks ago I cheered Gale Norton's resignation.

Leigh, a Knoxville student who writes about environmental issues at The Nonattainment Zone, finds a particularly egregious example of Norton's abuse of power.

"Outgoing Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton has proudly announced — without a hint of irony — that there has been a massive gain in US wetlands between 1998 and 2004. At first glance, that's excellent news. Unfortunately, most will stop at the first glance. A deeper look will reveal that this report depends entirely on rhetoric and semantics– specifically, how does one define a wetland?"


That sound you hear is a smack on my forehead

April 3, 2006

It wasn't until yesterday that I gave much thought to the fact that Saturday was April Fools Day. I'm only now discovering some of the many April Fools Day jokes around the Internet.

Sheesh, I was mostly stuck inside this weekend so you'd think I could have been more Web aware. Just too busy, though.

Anyway, thanks to Nashville is Talking I was able to catch up on many of the Web jokes through a list in Wikipedia

And just today I discovered that Robert Scoble had a spoof post. I don't think it fooled anyone, but it's funny nonetheless.

But to me, the funniest April Fools Web prank — and yes, I fell for it — came from my younger son, Landon. On Saturday, a few of the most recent posts in his Xanga blog inexplicably appeared in French.


He must get that weirdness from his mother. I would never pull any stunts on the Internet.