Learning the light way

Philmont badge

When I was 15 years old I traveled with my Boy Scout troop on the Denver Zephyr (for all you youngsters, that's a passenger train) from Chicago. Upon arrival in Denver we boarded a bus and headed to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

That was the beginning of 10 days that made a big impact on me, shaping my life in countless ways.

But I'm not going to wax on about that here.

I only bring it up because I came across today a new article at BackpackingLight.com. It provides a lightweight gear list for backpacking at Philmont. I'm sure, though, the information is useful for anyone planning a multi-day trip, particularly in the West.

Oh, how I wish we had such a gear list back in 1971. Most of the gear we use today didn't exist then.

The sleeping bag and canvas tent alone weighed much more than what my entire pack will weigh on my trip this summer to the Chicago Basin in Colorado.


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