Finally, a real hike

I'm hiking the AT tomorrow. I'll be leading a small group of Boy Scouts.

Our plan is to start at Carver's Gap and head northbound to Hump Mountain, camp overnight, and then return back to Carver's Gap. This is the same hike we planned to take in February.

I should be able to knock off a South Beyond 6000 summit on the trip, as the AT passes within a mile or so of Grassy Ridge Bald (6160'). 

And though this part could change in the next 24 hours, my older son may be hiking with us.

Logan, who just returned home from his freshman year in college, wants to do a week-long solo trip. He's planning to go with us to Carver's Gap, but he's not yet sure if he'll join us on our hike or just start out southbound.

His intended destination is Hot Springs, about 100 miles away.

It will be interesting for me to see that section of trail in the spring. I've only been their when it's it's either cold, cold and snowy, cold and snowy and windy, or cold and snowy and windy and God-I-wish-I-was-at-home-right-now.


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