BOLO: First-time solo hiker

Logan at Carver's GapBe on the lookout for a 19-year-old young man with a lip ring hiking the AT between Carver's Gap and Hot Springs.

But don't worry, he's quite harmless. In fact, often he can be polite and sociable, for a 19-year-old and all.

He's my older son, Logan.

Yesterday, I hiked with some Boy Scouts northbound on the AT out of Carver's Gap. At the same time, Logan headed southbound.

I plan to pick him up in Hot Springs next Saturday. That will give him a 100-mile trip in eight days,which for someone as young and fit as he might be fairly tame. But I think he likes the idea of taking his time and just being alone.

Well, as alone as one can be on the AT in the spring. We found it pretty crowded this weekend on our trip. I'll be publishing a trip report about it later, which will include details of our summit of one of the South Beyond 6000 peaks.

This is Logan's first solo hike, but he should manage on his own just fine. He's an Eagle Scout and has been camping and backpacking since he was three months old.

But I'm not sure what the lip ring is all about. His mother and I don't ask.


One Response to BOLO: First-time solo hiker

  1. Tim says:

    Maybe it’s something about being 19?? Or being a scout?

    I’m 19, and preparing to leave on my first solo hike in 3 weeks. I’ll be doing 7-8 weeks though, on the Bibbulmun track in Western Australia. I’m in Rovers, which is the scouting group over here, for the 18+ age group.

    I hope his hike went well, but I don’t have any idea about the lip ring ether, as I don’t have one :p

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