Feet don’t fail me now

Logan's boots and sore feetLogan's hike came to an early end.

He called me this morning from Uncle Johnny's (warning: obnoxious music plays when you click this link) in Erwin, saying his feet and ankles were miserably sore after hiking 20 miles yesterday.

I guess we should have taken a look at his hiking boots. Looking at them now it's easy to see they were in poor shape. Poor baby.

So I picked him up and immediately drove him to Diamond Brand Outdoors, where he was fitted in a pair of Montrail Torre GTX boots.

Well, we headed to Diamond Brand immediately after being stopped by one of North Carolina's finest shortly after entering his fair state.

That was an expensive trip.

At least Logan enjoyed the hiking he had done so far and hopes to get back on the trail soon. Here are a few of the pictures he took.


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