Packing list preps

I have an assignment and I've discovered it's not as easy as I first thought.

I've been asked to put together a new packing list for my son's Boy Scout troop as we prepare for our week-long backpacking and climbing trip this summer to Weminuche Wilderness Area in Colorado.

The task isn't so easy because packing lists can be subjective. What's essential for one person may be unimportant to another.

We decided we needed a new packing list because the one we've used on previous long distance hikes was seeming a little bloated these days. And I guess because I've been one of the primary proponents of lightweight backpacking, the task fell to me.

One consideration I must weigh is the experience the boys have with lighter gear and doing without some gear. For example, I've ruled out alcohol stoves. Though they've become popular among lightweight backpackers, they require special care and skill. It's best not to risk a week in the backcountry on something the boys have no experience with.

So I thought I'd share the list-making process here and see if anyone wants to weigh in on suggestions. For starters, here's what I have on the list of items to wear and carry. And by carry, I mean besides the items packed deep in a backpack.

Items Worn
hiking shirt lightweight, wicking short-sleeve crew
underwear best: trim-fitting support shorts, boxer or boxer-briefs
hiking shorts lightweight, synthetic
hiking socks lightweight merino wool or synthetic
hiking boots make sure these have been broken in well!
hat * best: wide-brimmed, water-resistant
watch * make sure batteries are fresh
Items Carried
sunglasses 100% UV blocking, plastic lenses/frames
whistle best: pealess, plastic
compass even if you have a GPS, this is a must!
trekking poles * not essential, but many hikers find these helpful

By the way, the asterisk indicates the item is optional. Everything else is require.

I'll post more parts of the packing list later. Any thoughts on what I have so far?


6 Responses to Packing list preps

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  2. Pete Smith says:


    I would look at synthetic underwear or no underwear using a bathing suit as hiking shorts. Cotton briefs or boxers will get damp and stay damp no matter how quick drying your shorts are. Zipoff pants of nylon or poly can be used as both long pants and shorts.

    Troop 377
    Stony Creek Mills,PA

  3. scout says:

    i am a scout and you need more EX…Knife >Sleaping bag/foamy…eating utensials ..

  4. scout says:


  5. cutter says:

    Scout: This is not the complete list. For the finished list, click here.

  6. Good list. Don’t carry anything you will not use. I like to go as light as possible.

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