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I've hammered out more of the gear list for a backpacking trip in Colorado that my son's Boy Scout troop will be taking in July.

Here are some of the items to be carried. (As before, * means the item is optional. § means the item will be shared with a partner.)

Extra Clothing in Waterproof Stuff Sack or Ziplock Plastic Bag
light jacket thin wind shirt or windbreaker
insulation layer synthetic pullover, fleece or long underwear top
rain jacket waterproof-breathable, simple jacket
rain pants waterproof-breathable, simple pull-on; can double for long pants in cool weather
warm hat wool or synthetic beanie cap
warm gloves wool or fleece gloves
extra socks one spare pair each of hiking socks and liner socks
underwear* one spare pair
Shelter and Sleeping
shelter§ two person tarp or tent, recommend no heavier than 4 lbs.
tent stakes§ sufficient number to completely stake out shelter
ground cloth*§ lightweight waterproof barrier, needed only if tarp is used
sleeping bag recommend no heavier than 3 lbs.; 20-30º rating is sufficient
stuff sack waterproof, for sleeping bag
sleeping pad inflatable or closed-cell

Most controversial, at least with some moms, will be the lack of extra clothing.


Next I'll post the items on the list for cooking, hydration, and personal hygiene. I've also tweaked the first part of the list, which I posted a couple days ago.

I added a bandana and liner socks. I elected to make the liner socks option, though I've always used them and feel they help a lot to prevent blisters.

One note: I need to offer thanks to for publishing several packing lists. They have been helpful in this project.
Feel free to offer suggestions for my list. 


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