I won’t go hungry

My bag of food for five daysI think I may have gone a bit over-board while putting togther the food for my upcoming backpacking trip to Colorado. That’s a picture of my food all bagged up and ready to go.

In fact, before I realized it I had made one more dinner than I’ll need.

I also made a trail snack that I don’t think I’ll need, so as tasty as it is I may leave it home. The snack is called, ahem, Dog Turds.

Danny Bernstein, a member of the Carolina Mountain Club and Appalachian Mountain Club, shared the recipe in her column in the July/August issue of Blue Ridge Country magazine. It’s not published on the Web site.

Recipes as a general rule aren’t copyrighted, I’ll provide it here.

According to Danny, the recipe was submitted by Jeffrey “Little Bear” Hunter. He’s the Director of Southeast Trail Projects for the American Hiking Society and Coordinator of the Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition.

Dog Turds

2 cups wheat germ
2 cups peanut butter
1 cup dry nonfat milk
1 cup oat bran
optional chocolate chips, raisins, etc.

Warm the mixture a little in the microwave to aid in mixing. Then squeeze into balls shaped like, well, you know. Then cool on a cookie tray. Makes about 30.

For the record, I made mine to look more like Clif Bars.


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