Do what you do best

National GeographicNational Geographic has added an online feature to go with a report in the August 2006 print edition about Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

As the information goes, it’s pretty basic stuff. Nothing much there you can’t get in other online and offline sources.

The feature does contain a few beautiful photos taken by freelance photographer Michael Melford.

I’ve seen these photos published before, but one photo is unique, at least to me. It’s a four-photo sequence showing the same tree in a cycle through the seasons.

It provides one of those, “Oooh, cool” moments in otherwise ordinary content.

I was disappointed to not find more of that sort of thing. But I guess when you see a line like “Get the whole story in the pages of National Geographic magazine,” it means the best stuff has been saved for the magazine.


One Response to Do what you do best

  1. Zack says:

    That is a great photo…

    Thanks for sharing.


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