A treasure to behold

IcelandUntil today I only knew of Jonathan Ley as a PCT hiker who has helped other hikers by publishing a set of annotated PCT maps.

But Jonathan is more than just a helpful outdoor enthusiast, I’ve learned. He’s also an accomplished professional photographer.

I’ve just taken a few minutes to check out his photos from a recent trek across Iceland he made with fellow photographer Dave Cobb.


I purposely didn’t try to reproduce one of his photos here. In addition to violating his copyright, I would never be able to do justice to how he’s displayed them in his site. And to enjoy them most you should also read his comments.

Each photo is more breathtaking than the last.

With one Jonathan comments,

“The Icelandic landscape never ceased to amaze me. I’m not sure I’d ever even imagined scenes like these.”

Yeah, that’s about right.

So go spend some time on this site!

But I should add a word of warning: Once you get started you won’t want to stop until you’ve seen all 75 photos.

(Thanks to Sly on AT-L for the tip about this site!)


2 Responses to A treasure to behold

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  2. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the Iceland site Cutter, maybe someday we’ll meet on a trail.

    “Camper” Dave from dmcobbphoto.com

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