Not giving herself enough credit

Bison at Instapundit.comAnn Althouse, filling in for Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit while vacationing out West, posted a nice profile shot of a bison she took in Yellowstone National Park. She writes,

“How did Althouse get that shot? Like many a candyass Yellowstone tourist, this way:”

The next photo reveals her vantage point, the inside of an automobile.

So is Althouse a candyass? Not hardly.

American bison can weight up to one ton, yet can charge at someone at up to 45 mph. In fact, according to Wikipedia,

“Between 1978 and 1992, over four times as many people in Yellowstone National Park were killed or injured by bison as by bears (12 by bears, 56 by bison).”

I remember several years ago coming upon a bison while walking along a trail near Old Faithful. It seemed docile, but its size commanded immediate respect.


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