Is now offering podcasts?

Ipod Among‘s many reports from this year’s 2006 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market is an audio program (paid subscription required) that reviews trends in integrated canister stove systems. The program discusses new products that have been introduced to compete with the JetBoil.

If this is a podcast, it’s not evident from the site. There’s no feed for subscribing or loading into a portable player.

And if this is the beginning of a podcast series, then I hope future episodes are a little more polished.

This one was, well, dull.

No, let me be more to the point. It was unlistenable.

It begins with Ryan Jordan reading from a script, then goes to a product demo at the show. Neither one of these activities makes for a good podcast.

I like the site and respect the opinions of Ryan and the other contributors. But he sure missed the mark on this one.


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