I’m jealous

September 28, 2006

Charlie FergusonThe Carolina Mountain Club newsletter reports Charlie Ferguson recently completed the SB6K Challenge.

I was envious, considering I’ve only been able to reach 6 of the 40 summits so far.

But then I read what Ferguson said about his efforts:

“I had my first real taste of the SB6K this May when I went on the 3 day SB6K Smokies backpack, led by Tom Sanders.”

Gaaaa! Don’t tell me that! You’ve hiked nearly all of the peaks in just 5 months?

Ferguson says it was easy because he had help.

“The CMC hike schedule included many of the SB6K peaks that were needed to fill in the blanks. All I had to do was show up.”

Oh sure, that and having all the free time in the world.

Anyway, congratulations Charlie.