Outing secret sites

Ruby LakeRikki Hall, managing editor and publisher of Hellbender Press, says in a local alternative newspaper some people can be protective about their favorite backcountry spots. They fear their secret camping or fishing spot will become popular and spoiled by careless slobs.

But, Rikki adds, people who worry that way are being overly concerned about the problem.

“Strapping 20 pounds onto your back and wandering into the woods is a self-selecting act. It implies a level of commitment and planning that normally precludes dumbasses.”

I was thinking the same thing last July after hauling my ass up to Ruby Lake (pictured) and a meadow a couple miles beyond it on Ruby Creek, remote sites of breathtaking beauty in Weminuche Wilderness Area. The only routes to get there are by way of incredibly steep and sometimes overgrown trails.

There were times on the hike up I wondered if I was a dumbass for thinking I could hike that trail while keeping up with 16 year-olds.

When we got there I didn’t see any other dumbasses, so Rikki must be mostly right.

And he’s completely right when he says,

“If we treat wilderness as a secret, we risk forgetting why it ever mattered.”


4 Responses to Outing secret sites

  1. Bubba295 says:

    I don’t try to keep up with the 16 yo’s. I just tell them to wait for me at the next intersection. 🙂

  2. Backpacking sounds like a great idea, but if you are scared of everything that moves I guess it wont work. I think I will try it one day. The picture is beautiful!

  3. cutter says:


    To be sure, if unseen noises and being away from the protection of society make you nervous, backpacking in an isolated area probably isn’t for you.

  4. DSD says:

    There are some special places out there though, that I just seem to want to keep all to myself….. Until I meet some very cool folks who like it there as much as me.
    “Summit Stones & Adventure Musings”

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