A good time was had by all; refreshments were served

October 9, 2006

Hiker Ho DownTom Mangan has posted photos from a recently gathering of hiking bloggers. (Or is that blogging hikers?)

From the look of things, the Ho Down, as they called it, was a good excuse to drink lots of wine an enjoyable get together of outdoor enthusiasts.

I’m jealous.

But it seems that there are already plans for another meetup. In fact, Tom’s lobbying for me to organize it.

“I’ve already tossed a challenge to a potential host of the Second Annual Ho Down: I mentioned to Cutter that he ought to host a blogger meet-up next year at Trail Days in Damascus, Virginia. He’s led Boy Scouts across the Rockies so plotting a get-together among thru-hikers should be a snap.”

Um, well, that hike with the Boy Scouts wasn’t exactly across the Rockies. But I think I might be able to put something together.

I just hope those bloggers don’t expect me to provide a wireless Internet connection in the backcountry.