A hike for treehuggers to get their arms around

Monique PilieI’m not that big on thru-hikes with a cause. That is, I don’t care much for the idea of long hikes taken with the purpose of raising money for some sort of charity.

I’m not sure why, really.

Perhaps I’d rather the hike be the purpose of the hike.

And too often, the combination of the hike and the charity seems artificial to me. The two are usually unrelated. What does hiking have to do with helping veterans, for example?

Maybe I just need to remember the saying, “Hike your own hike.” And maybe I shouldn’t complain about the fact that someone is showing concern for others.

But anyway, today I read about a hike for a cause that makes sense. Monique Pilie just finished an AT thru-hike that served as a fundraiser to replace the trees in New Orleans wiped out by Hurricane Katrina.

Pilie says she had an overwhelming response, not just in being able to raise money to plant 600 trees, but in the care and interest her fellow hikers showed.

“‘Next to the scenery, the most amazing thing about the trip was the concern and love people had for New Orleans,’ Pilie said Friday, six days after finishing her journey. ‘When someone found out I was from New Orleans, they wanted information, and they told me about their concerns.'”



2 Responses to A hike for treehuggers to get their arms around

  1. tom says:

    I’m first to agree that a hike is reason enough for itself but the fund-raisers do provide a rationale to quizzical bosses, family members, neighbors, etc.

    Other side of the coin is that if you really care about the cause you can do a lot more good by raising money or helping the actual cause vs. hiking every day for six months and saying you’re helping the cause.

  2. Catherine says:

    Well,it seems to me the hike WAS part of the cause.It was a vehicle to get people interested in and made aware of the tree situation in the city and surrounding areas.I’ll bet the average American never imagined that among the colassal damage,destruction and oblideration of so many homes,schools,churches,hospitals,and most of all people,the trees and the landscapes were also forever changed.
    Monique decided to do something about it.I would imagine she was very inspired on the hike,and felt very gratified when she finished.

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