Know thy self

December 8, 2006

I’ve been buried under work lately, and only recently have I been able to catch up on some of my RSS feeds.

Just today I came across a post Winehiker wrote a couple weeks ago, The Winehiker’s “Top 100 Things About Me.”

Yes, he really does have 100 things to say about himself. And they’re all pretty interesting.

I think I hate him.

Who has time to write a list of 100 anythings, let alone a list that requires personal reflection?

Okay, I don’t really hate him. Maybe I just need a new life.

I could be interesting too, if I wasn’t so busy!


Stream of consciousness

December 8, 2006

John Fedak shares some photos taken by his brother on their recent trip to Southern California. Apparently, everytime he stopped to pee, his brother memorialized the event with a photo.

A brother with a camera. That pretty much says it all.

Good eats

December 8, 2006

Ziploc Freezer BagsA hat tip goes to Tom at Two Heel Drive for finding Sarah Svien’s blog.

Sarah is the lady behind Freezer Bag Cooking.

I enjoy an elaborate, gourmet backpacking meal as much as the next guy, but I’ve been using the quick and simple recipes from her book and Web site for about a year now and it’s changed the way I cook on the trail.

I didn’t know about the blog, though, and I’m glad to find it.


Now then, what breakfast should I bring with me on this weekend’s backpacking trip?