Know thy self

I’ve been buried under work lately, and only recently have I been able to catch up on some of my RSS feeds.

Just today I came across a post Winehiker wrote a couple weeks ago, The Winehiker’s “Top 100 Things About Me.”

Yes, he really does have 100 things to say about himself. And they’re all pretty interesting.

I think I hate him.

Who has time to write a list of 100 anythings, let alone a list that requires personal reflection?

Okay, I don’t really hate him. Maybe I just need a new life.

I could be interesting too, if I wasn’t so busy!


One Response to Know thy self

  1. winehiker says:

    Cutter, you crack me up. But frankly, I find that sometimes I get caught up in the moment and just plain find myself making the time to create silly s**t like this list. It’s not often that I find myself “on a roll”, wherein the creative juices just keep on flowing on the thick and fast; the day I posted this “Top 100” list was one of those rare days when my mental processes were fully wired ON. And I was striving vainly for new blog material.

    Plus, I thought chicks would dig it.

    Alternately, I could just attribute my implied vanity to living in Silicon Valley, California, swimming along on a fast-moving river of Type A hormone-addled fish who augment my stress level and cause me to throw my insides on my outsides and do such silly s**t.

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