More Enthusiast sites

December 14, 2006

Back in September I noted the startup of a climbing site,, a companion site to

Not long ago, the company that owns these sites, Enthusiast Group, launched a third site, To be honest, I hate to run, so I haven’t paid any attention to that site.

But today I came across a post in a email list by Steve Outing, who started Enthusiast Group, so I decided to check out what the company is doing and see if their was any movement on a hiking site.

Doesn’t look like it.

But considering the hoo-ha first raised by Tom Mangan and then continued here and here by me, I guess I’m not surprised.

But hiking isn’t the only thing I do, so I was interested to see mention of road biking and kayaking in a help wanted posting:

“We publish participative websites on sports and recreational activities such as mountain biking, road biking, climbing, running, horse sports, skateboarding, kayaking, etc. You’ll be working with us to create, sell and manage revenue streams from online advertising, sponsorships and partnerships.”