Getting out of the line of fire

Cutter under fireMrs. Cutter and I enjoyed an exciting night out on the town this evening. It started with a trip to Target. Later we enjoyed a cup of coffee and a cookie.

Thus is the state of my life.

Anyway, we also stopped in a nearby store that opened recently, Gander Mountain. I hadn’t been in one before, but apparently they’re in several dozen locations, primarily in the upper midwest and south.

As we walked in it was immediately obvious the store caters to hunters and fishers (or whatever the non-sexist term is for people who fish). The fact that the store clerks were wearing blaze orange hunting vests was a tip off.

I prefer to enjoy nature without killing it, but the vests gave me an idea of something I could buy here. Or so I thought.

I decided to look for something to wear or attach to my backpack that would make me visible to hunters while I’m hiking. I often see hunters in late fall and early winter, and if they’re wearing bright orange it seems sensible for me to wear it as well.

A place like Gander Mountain should have hundreds of such items. And it did.

Unfortunately most of the clothing items I saw wouldn’t be useful on a hike. They were either too heavy or too bulky. And almost universally, they were too large.

If you’re size 2XL, they had your size.

Aren’t really large people already pretty visible without wearing bright colors? So what should the rest of us wear to be seen?

My wife suggested I get one of those flags you see attached to a bicycle trailer and hook it to my hat. Yeah, she’s full of great ideas.

But seriously, what should a hiker wear during hunting season?

A hat? I don’t want to give up my Tilley hat for a blaze orange baseball cap.

A vest? Hunters often wear those, but they usually have bulky pockets.

Really squeaky hiking boots?

If you have something that works for you, let me know. I’d rather shop at Target, not be one.


3 Responses to Getting out of the line of fire

  1. Bubba295 says:

    Yep, I’ve been in there too. Nice store, I got a signal mirror while I was there. How about a blaze orange bandanna attached to your pack.

  2. cutter says:

    Good suggestion. I haven’t seen one of those, but they ought to be available online. A bandanna could serve multiple uses.

    In some of my recent hikes I tied a bright orange scarf to my backpack, but I wasn’t satisfied with that. For one thing, it isn’t visible to anyone in front of me. And I don’t like things hanging off my pack because they can get snagged in trees.

    I suppose if I used a bandanna I’d need more than one to be seen from all sides.

  3. Logan says:

    Or just use a Day-Glow orange ribbon that you see on stakes at constructions sites or whereever… I guarantee it’ll be a lot cheaper, and a lot lighter too (since I know how obsessive you are about pack weight 😉

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