There’s got to be more to this story

I was reading this ordinary story about a Colorado man named Hans Uecker, who completed a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike in October. (registration required – you can use this one)

Or at least it seemed ordinary at first.

“Uecker’s story began when friend Andy Brown, with whom Uecker hiked the Appalachian Trail, called and told him he was considering the PCT. Their journey started April 18 at the border of Mexico and California and continued north through Oregon, Washington and Canada.”

Several paragraphs later, though, the story left me dumbfounded.

“On the second day of their travels Uecker decided to move ahead of Brown. Uecker didn’t see his friend the rest of the way after that, and amazingly enough, Brown finished the PCT just one day after Uecker did.”


He starts out hiking with a buddy, but spends 175 of his 176 days on the trail one day ahead of him?

Like I said, there’s got to be more to this story.


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