Trying to catch up on a couple items

February 5, 2007

Bob Butler
Bob Butler
Back in December 2005 I noted here that the hiking podcast called Trailcast had returned with new episodes after a long hiatus.

But a few months later Bob Butler suddenly stopped production again.

Apparently I’m not the only one who’s been wondering what happened to him and why he stopped producing new episodes. Occasionally, I get hits here from people when a search engine link leads them to my blog post.

His Web site makes no mention of where he is or what he’s doing.

So what happened to Butler and why did he disappear without so much as a good bye?

It took another podcaster to solve the mystery. Bob Cartwright, whose podcasts is a regular listen for me, tracked Butler down and interviewed him.

Butler told Cartwright he bought a house and fell in love and just got too busy to produce the podcast right now. So Butler’s disapperance isn’t really a mystery, but the interview is interesting just the same.

Ron Zaleski
Back in August I wrote about Ron Zaleski, a former Marine who was on a southbound thru-hike of the AT. He was hiking barefoot and for a cause. I made a few comments about that, but mostly complained that he claimed to be the first person to thru-hike the AT barefoot. Even today his site makes that claim, despite the fact that it’s been done before.Search engines also sometimes lead people here because of my post.After noticing another reference to him in my blog statistics page recently I decided to find out if he finished his thru-hike.

It doesn’t look like he did, but I can’t tell for sure. He too just disappeared.

The last entry in his journal is dated October 5 and still a couple months away from Springer Moutain, Ga.

Got up and my legs are still numb. I called to see a chiropractor and have decided to scale back the mileage. I realized that I am no good if I end up in the hospital. We will see what happens. Am taking a zero to give it a chance.

For you non-hikers, a zero is a “zero day,” or a day off from the trail. From the looks of it, he took more than one.