Commando tracking

February 22, 2007

It shouldn’t be a surprise that bloggers crave an audience for their words. We all want to know that someone is interested in what we say.

I’m sure I’m no different than every other blogger in the world when I admit I often check the stats of my blog to see how many people visit. I also check a feature offered by that shows the keywords people type in a search engine that provides results leading them here.

Scanning the list can be informative. It can also be baffling.

I’m still trying to figure out this one: a seach for “no underwear” hiking.

Wordpress search terms

Let’s think about that a minute.

Okay, think about it if you can without too graphic a mental picture.

Is there a reason why someone wants to know more about hiking without underwear? Do they really need to read up about it?

Perhaps a better question would be, what did I write that would lead a person wanting to hike without underwear to my site? To answer that, I did my own Google search.

Google search

Turns out, my site was the third item in the search results, thanks to a comment made in a post I wrote on preparing a packing list for last summer’s trip to Colorado. For whatever reason that person was searching for “no underwear” hiking, I’m sure that result was a disappointment.

But if someone wants to go commando on a hike, I’m not offended by that. I can turn the other cheek.

Uh, never mind.

Maybe it’s best I stop checking the search keywords list. It might be better to not know too much about my readers.