Looks like we dodged some nasty weather

I don’t know how we got so lucky, but it seems that we hardly had any weather at all last weekend compared to some parts of the Appalachian Trail.

Sections of the trail through Great Smoky Mountains National Park were especially hard hit by last week’s storms.

Thru-hiker David Maggiotto said in his blog the trail near Clingman’s Dome was littered with blow-downs.

On the northside descent of Clingmas the downed trees became increasingly abundant. It’s hard to really describe the mess it was. The trees wouldn’t simply fall across the trail—they fell at every angle, sometimes horizontally right on the trail, forcing us to bushwack along side the path for a 100 feet or so. These were not little dead trees we navigated under, over, or around. Enormous Spruces fell, and they took down all the smaller trees that were unfortunate enough to be growing beside them.

Tom-B, one of the thru-hikers I met last week, wrote in his hiking journal that he had a lot of snow last Sunday, just a few hours after I talked to him.

On the way out of Hot Springs, NC, there was a light rain that turned to a gentle snow when I got to the hight elevations. As I approached the shelter, the wind picked up and the snow drifts were approaching knee deep! Fortunately, I got to the shelter which was open on the downwind side, so once I ate and snuggled in my sleeping bag, I was warm & cozy!

Incidentally, today it was 80° with bright sunny skies. I got in a nice but short (23 miles) bike ride this afternoon.

Such is the weather in East Tennessee.


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