Winter adventures in summer

Dave LewA friend of mine, Dave Lew, is like me in many ways.

  • I’m not-so-young but I feel young. He’s young.
  • I like bicycling. He was once a junior pro-level cyclist.
  • I like whitewater kayaking. He paddles big water in Utah and Peru.
  • I like mountains. He climbs mountains all over the world.

Okay, so we’re really not that much alike. Or maybe he’s like me, only more extreme.

Anyway, today I received word from Dave that he’s arrived at his next great adventure, spending the summer on a scientific expedition in Greenland. He’s there for a project called the Greenland Halogen and Hydrogen Radical Photochemistry Experiment.

And that’s another area where I’m not much like him. I haven’t a clue what a Halogen and Hydrogen Radical Photochemistry Experiment could possibly be.

Dave says his team has started a blog. If you’re into halogen and hydrogen radical photochemistry experiments, or just curious what it’s like to live and work in Greenland, check it out.


One Response to Winter adventures in summer

  1. Dave says:

    Heh. Thanks Jim! Always odd where I seem to end up I guess.

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