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completewalker.gifThe hiking world has lost one of its heroes.

As Tom Mangan first noted yesterday, writer Colin Fletcher died Tuesday in Monterey, Calif.

Jonathan Dorn, editor in chief of Backpacker Magazine, credited Fletcher’s books for igniting the “huge boom that took place in the mid-’60s through the ’70s.”

“A lot of our readers, if they didn’t come to backpacking through ‘The Complete Walker,’ have (since) read and consider it the bible of backpacking,” Dorn said. “Certainly a lot of people think of him as the father of modern-day backpacking and someone who inspired thousands … to get out on the trails.”

Fletcher called walking “an altogether positive and delectable addiction.” Much of his writing was spent sharing the joys of that addiction and teaching how to get more from it.

Sadly, it became much more difficult for him to walk after he was hit by a car in 2001. I’d like to think he’s now free again to enjoy his addiction.


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