Do you feel it?

Do you feel the trail tugging at you?

“Happy” at Hikeu feels it.

I’m not crazy. I have a great life off Trail. But if I could be doing anything at all right this moment, I would be hiking. I would have everything I could possibly need on my back and Badmoon would be right there with me. It’s not just about playing every day, or feeling like we are are vacation everyday. It’s not just about accomplishing something so rewarding. It’s not just about feeling amazingly healthy, strong and fit. For me the pull is in the expansion of my world; the expansion of my spirit. Long-distance hiking is about a deeper kind of freedom and connection…a deeper connection to self, to other people, to the earth, to the Universe. A freedom from my inner voice talking about all the “shoulds” in life. Long-distance hiking shifts my perspective and fills me completely full of love and peace. I am happiest when I am hiking.

Yeah. I feel it.


2 Responses to Do you feel it?

  1. Hey Cutter,
    Happy here! How cool to be quoted on someone else’s blog 🙂 I was googling hikeu to see how we were doing in the “standings” and ended up on your blog. Do we know each other? Do we know someone in common? How did you find my blog? Regardless, it would be great to get to know someone who has quoted me. Can you tell I’m a bit flattered?
    The only person I “know” from Knoxville is a SOBO hiker I met on the AT in ’01. He was a chef and wanted me to get off the trail with him so he could cook for me. He told me I was beautiful and all I could think to say was “you should see me after I’ve had a shower” 🙂 His name was Nature Boy. Do you know him? I tried to find him after I got home from the trail, but didn’t have any luck. I have to admit there was a chemistry between us. If I hadn’t been married I probably would have gone with him. Totally out of character for me, but ya know how your intuition gets really sharp on the Trail. It felt completely safe to get off the trail with this guy I had know for like 3 minutes to have him cook me dinner. Oh how I love that feeling of being so safe and sure and in-tune!
    Give me a shout sometime!
    Hap 🙂

  2. cutter says:

    Hi, Happy. No, I’m sorry but I don’t know Nature Boy.

    Good luck with your hiking guide company.

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