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Two-Heel DriveTom Mangan has long been one of the most consistent of bloggers who write primarily about hiking and other outdoors interests. With his blog, Two-Heel Drive, he’s smartly followed the first rule of blogging: Be consistent.

That’s a far cry from at least one blogger I know.

Not long ago Tom started to more closely adhere to another rule: Keep close to your niche. He began to focus more on hiking in the Bay Area of California and less about general hiking subjects.

While it would seem that doing so would narrow his audience, he’s really just narrowing his content to reach a targeted audience. The result can often lead to a larger audience. Or at the least, a more loyal audience.

And that can lead to all kinds of interesting things for a blogger. A huge sum of money is usually not one of them, but sometimes a little income can result when he or she helps advertisers match the right products to that audience.

Tom seems headed in that direction. Today he revealed his first advertiser. I hope it’s not his last. He’s doing it right and it’s hard work, so he deserves to reap a little reward.

Best of luck, Tom.


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